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Bug#724604: ITP: libmini -- the libMini real-time terrain rendering system

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Klee Dienes <klee@mit.edu>

* Package name    : libmini
  Version         : 10.10~20130925
  Upstream Author : Stefan Roettger <stefan@stereofx.org>
* URL             : http://stereofx.org/terrain.html
* License         : GPL, LGPL, MIT, others
  Programming Lang: C, C++, others
  Description     : the libMini real-time terrain rendering system

The Mini Library is a real-time terrain rendering system which is
licensed under the terms of the LGPL. It is based on my '98 paper and
supports asynchronous paging, dynamic terrain, multiple geospatial
tile sets and much more. It compiles on Irix, Linux, MacOS X and
Windows (VC++ and cygwin). The library is included in the Virtual
Terrain Project of Ben Discoe and an early version is utilized in the
DX 8 game AquaNox.

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