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Re: dpkg-gensymbols -- should(n't) version where symbol was introduced remain when SONAME changes?

On 2013-09-22 03:15, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
> --- a/debian/libfreenect0.2.symbols
> +++ b/debian/libfreenect0.2.symbols
> @@ -1,75 +1,54 @@
> [-libfreenect.so.0.1 libfreenect0.1-]{+libfreenect.so.0.2 libfreenect0.2+} #MINVER#[-(optional)fn_log@Base 1:0.1.1-]

You need to change the soname in the first line of your symbols file,
otherwise what you get is the deletion of one library and the addition
of a different one.


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