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Re: Decision on R datasets

This one time, at band camp, Russ Allbery said:
> Stephen Gran <sgran@debian.org> writes:
> > This one time, at band camp, Charles Plessy said:
> >> I therefore decided to stop uploading R packages to Debian.  I use some
> >> of these packages on multiple computers, and will keep on sharing my
> >> work with others on Alioth, but that is all.  For any of them where I
> >> was the sole uploader, please feel free to delete them from our
> >> archive.
> > If they aren't free enough for the main archive, please don't
> > redistribute them from other debian.org machines.
> Alioth already hosts non-free packages (such as packaging repositories for
> Debian packaging for the non-free suite).  I believe that the current
> understanding is that Alioth and its associated systems, such as the Git
> repository host, are not official debian.org systems in that sense,
> although they are in the debian.org domain.

I don't think this has been explicitly discussed and agreed to, I
think this has just sort of happened and not been explicitly stopped.
I also think that, largely, the result of that lack of process is OK,
because people involved in Debian software development are largely
sensible and/or largely want to do the right thing.

It sounds to me from Dirk's reply that the whole problem seem like mostly
a non-issue - it sounds like the community already does a pretty good job
doing policing already.  I doubt that Charles is going to accidentally
upload something that would actually incur liability for alioth admins.

Charles' statement made me nervous because it sounds like he is saying
he's not interested in looking carefully enough to know which side of
any line he's on, and he wants to use Debian resources to redistribute
that lack of effort.  I don't think that's responsible behavior, and I
don't want him to take such a cavalier attitude with resources that
affect the wider project.  If Charles wants to pack up his toys and go
home, I'd like him to actually go home.

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