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Re: packaging data that can't be distributed as part of a Debian package

On Fri, 20 Sep 2013, Faheem Mitha wrote:
> So, I suppose anyone using the software needs to download it. I'll
> provide a script to download the data, but if I want to build a
> Debian package containing that data, how should I do it?

Maybe studying other download-and-package packages, like "java-package", can
help.  In your case, apparently you can automate the "get the data file"
part, which java-package is forbidden to do.

> Let's say I have the software source directory with a script in it
> which downloads the data files to a specific directory. When should
> this download happen? Should the user do it manually?

Manually is good.

> I still don't have a license for those data files, but is that Ok if
> the package does not distribute it?

Probably yes, but it is safer for everybody if the source of the datafile
publishes a license with its terms of use/distribution.

> The response I got when asking for license information was
>     IMGT ® data are publicly available on the IMGT® web site for academics
>     for their own research, but they are not redistributed by users.

Check the website for a proper "terms of use" page and use it as the

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