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Re: <foo> link with -L/usr/lib


Now I see he really filed many similar bugs ...  I saw it for libucimf:

It did not make sense to me.

This libucimf package was not multiarch.  So use of -L/usr/lib/ made
sense.  I took it as a wishlist request to convert package to multiarch.
So I made it as multiarch after his bug report and closed his bug.

Please note we can not always call -L/usr/lib or similar to be wrong for

I have "Multiarch: same" package (ibus-anthy) installs files like 

I have "Multiarch: foreign" package (libucimf0) installs files like

I used --libdir=/usr/lib/$(DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH) in debian/rules for the
second case just to be safe.  But I think with debhelper compat level 9,
this may be the default.  Please cut out strange logic around mips

The mass bug filing should be done only after people agree to file such
bugs.  I think adding lintian warnings may be better at this moment.

If you file, please make such requests as wishlist to convert package to
  (You may add reminder that -L and --libexecdir with /usr/lib 
   in debian/rules may needs to be changed for such conversion.)
Point people to read:



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