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Re: Biological data being used by an unpublished research paper is considered proprietary

On 16/09/2013 11:31, Faheem Mitha wrote:


This is really not Debian-related, except insofar as the software in
question is something that might have been in Debian one day. I talked
about that with people on debian-med recently. So, it is technically

I posted a reply on stackexchange with instructions to get the data from the EBI SRS server.

However, I have run into this issue before in the context of biological database entries and Debian so it may be worth discussing here. There were objections to including SwissProt entries in the example data for the EMBOSS package because the licensing of SwissProt does not allow them to be edited. That was resolved by agreeing that scientific facts should not be edited so that the files could be accepted as part of a Debian package even though they could not be changed. A fine compromise I feel.


Peter Rice

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