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Thanks for wheezy, and well done

I have just upgraded my workstation at work, and my main laptop, to
wheezy.  I'm a curmudgeon when it comes to upgrades.  Change tends to
make me grumpy.

But it has been a remarkably fine experience.  Very little has changed
in an annoying way.  The upgrades went almost entirely smoothly.
Several irritating bugs have been fixed.  I have experienced, as yet,
no regressions.  The programs I was running out of a wheezy chroot are
now first class citizens, and I can now start doing the same with
jessie :-).

(The one exception is that I have found the new iceweasel's pointless
UI churn irritating.  I'm certainly not going to blame that on the
Debian iceweasel maintainers!  And I guess given that I don't really
want to get involved with browser development I'll have to live with
the output of those people who do.  Luckily the most annoying changes
can be disabled in about:config.)

I'll get on to upgrading chiark, my colo (first installed with Debian
0.93R5 in 1995) fairly soon.  I expect that will have some actual
fallout and produce some new bug reports...


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