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Mass bug filing: Ruby packages still following old policy


I am about to file a bug on ~30 packages, most of them Ruby libraries,
some of them packages that include a Ruby library between their
outputs. I am still going through the packages to get a final list,
but it will mostly affect:

• libabstract-ruby
• libamazon-ruby
• libamrita2-ruby
• libescape-ruby
• libgdal-ruby
• libgv-ruby
• libhdfeos5-ruby
• libhdfeos5-ruby1.8
• libhtml-htmltokenizer-ruby
• libhtml-template-ruby
• libhtree-ruby1.8
• liblangscan-ruby
• libmapscript-ruby
• libmaruku-ruby
• libneedle-extras-ruby
• libnet-netrc-ruby
• libobexftp-ruby
• libposixlock-ruby
• libraspell-ruby
• librdf-ruby
• librfilter-ruby1.8
• libroot-bindings-ruby5.34
• libroot-bindings-ruby-dev
• librrd-ruby
• libsnmp-ruby
• libstfl-ruby
• libstfl-ruby
• libsuikyo-ruby1.8
• libsvn-ruby
• libtcltk-ruby
• libtioga-ruby
• libvorbisfile-ruby
• libwebapp-ruby
• libzip-ruby

We want to request the release of Ruby 1.8 (which will surely break
most of them); Ruby 1.9.3 is already the default interpreter version,
and Ruby 2.0 has already been accepted in Debian. The new policy
allows, between many other niceties, to no longer require maintainers
to create a binary package for each interpreter version (and really
makes interpreter transitions smoother).

I will file the bugs with "Normal" severity, although I expect most if
not all of the affected packages to become uninstallable and FTBFS
when 1.8 is dropped.

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