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Re: buildd could run "make -i" twice on failure


On Sun, Sep 08, 2013 at 10:36:42AM +0200, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> > There's no guarantee that "make" is being used for building, and 
> > it's non-trivial to determine if it is or is not in use, nor how to
> > invoke it appropriately.  If we want to do it centrally, it would
> > be more reliable to add a new target which sbuild or other build
> > tools could invoke on error, and which package maintainers could
> > add to support their specific requirements.
> That would be quite OK.  Maybe every target could have an optional "on
> failure" target.
> As well as a new target (or targets), there would also need to be some
> way to have the output of the target redirected to a dedicated log

During the buildd / wanna-build bof at debconf, there was a short discussion
about collecting information during failing builds and making the info
available to developers.

It starts at 30:30 in the video.



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