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Re: Bits from the Release

On Sun, Aug 25, 2013 at 05:09:22PM +0200, Niels Thykier wrote:
> How you can help (NEW-TEST-HELP)
> ================================
> Add tests to your packages.  The full specification for these tests
> are available from [AUTOPKG].  If you need inspiration, consider looking
> at some of the existing autopkgtests[FIND-AUTOPKG].
> We need to have the autopkgtest tests run.  Holger Levsen suggested
> that jenkins.debian.net has the necessary hardware to support these
> tests.
> Asheesh Laroia has kindly spent some time during DebConf13 researching
> and experimenting with setting up such jobs.

So, in the context of work to periodically run various sorts of static
analysis tests on Debian packages [1], we (myself, Sylvestre Ledru, Léo
Cavaillé, and Matthieu Caneill) have considered using Jenkins.  Based on
feedback from Matthias Klumpp and his experience in using Jenkins for
Tanglu, we have concluded that it didn't really scale to the point that
we needed (number of Debian packages * number of checkers). We ended up
using Paul Tagliamonte's debile infrastructure [2].

I don't doubt that jenkins.d.n can be leveraged for the time being,
giving the low amount of autopkgtests currently available. But you might
want to check with Matthias or similar experiences before committing to
using Jenkins for this.

Apart from this, hopefully useful feedback: kudos for these saucy bits
from the Release Team :-) Keep up the good work!


[1]: preliminary, not necessarily up to date, results are available at
     http://firewoes.debian.net/ for those who are interested
[2]: http://debile.debian.net/
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