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Re: [Pkg-opencl-devel] Bug#719909: ITP: libclc -- Implementation of OpenCL 1.1

Le 19/08/2013 06:28, Julian Wollrath a écrit :
>>> Is this an ICD? An implementation of libOpenCL.so.1?
>> It is the part, that is needed along with mesa to enable OpenCL
>> support on e.g. AMD GPUs, see [0]. It does not deliver a
>> libOpenCL.so.1
> The needed libOpenCL.so.1 is provided by mesa, when it is build with
> OpenCL support. Bug 717500 is a request to add that support to the
> Debian package of mesa.

  I did not check at the OpenCL implementation by mesa.
But, for the record, if mesa provides an OpenCL implementation,
it needs to do it by providing an ICD, and not the libOpenCL.so.1
  The libOpenCL.so.1 must be a ICD Loader in order to allow the
co-installation of several OpenCL implementations. There exists
several implementation for the ICD Loader. There even is
ocl-icd packaged in main that is a free implementation...

  Best regards,

>> Best regards,
>> Julian
>> [0] http://dri.freedesktop.org/wiki/GalliumCompute/

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