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Re: Nitpicking in the NEW queue.


On 09/02/2013 06:04 AM, Scott Kitterman wrote:
It would have been nice if you'd done such an inspection before you uploaded
and wasted the ftp-team's time doing multiple reviews.

I fully agree. I don't think it's a bad thing at all to thoroughly
check the package, even for minor problems. I do that myself when
sponsoring packages from mentors and I am very glad for the
hard work the FTP team does actually reviewing that huge list of
packages that is constantly in NEW and not just passing them

Conveniently, you have elided the actual rejection reason from your message to
-devel and gone off on a rant about about something that was raised as a
reasonable question.

Yep, this is otherwise just an unbalanced, unreflected rant. If you want
to kick off a discussion, please let us actually know what the FTP
team's answer was.

If you would prefer we not ask the maintainers questions when we have them,
perhaps you would like it better if we put such packages aside and leave them
in New until we have time to fully research them?

Absolutely. People who think that packages in NEW should just be passed
through and accepted into the archive haven't really understood the
point of the NEW queue.

Please just answer the question, fix your package, and quite harassing someone
who's trying to do work that's important to the project and doesn't need your
demotivational speeches.

Adding to this. I know Paul personally very well and I don't think that
he'd maliciously reject a package. He takes his job as an FTP master
very seriously and I am pretty sure that he is also not leaving "cheap
comments" but rather suggestions to help improve the package and
get it into shape for the archive. If he rejects a package, there is
a very good reason why he did so and there is certainly also a
reasonable explanation that he provided.



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