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Re: Keeping feature requests and other non-real bugs in Debian's BTS?

Jose Luis Rivas <ghostbar@debian.org> writes:

> […] lots of feature-requests bugs which were already sent to upstream
> but haven't been fixed and are there taking dust.

In what sense are they gathering dust? What problem is it causing you
for the reports to stay in the BTS?

> Should we keep them? Cant I just close them since are no
> Debian-specific?

It's entirely appropriate for the Debian BTS to have reports for bugs
that exist in Debian, whether or not the bug is specific to Debian. The
report should stay open until the bug is resolved in Debian.

See the Developer's Reference, §5.8.3 #6:

    […] If it's an upstream problem, you have to forward it to the
    upstream author. Forwarding a bug is not enough, you have to check
    at each release if the bug has been fixed or not. If it has, you
    just close it, otherwise you have to remind the author about it.

When you file (or find) a bug report in the upstream bug tracker for the
bug, mark the bug report with ‘forwarded-upstream’ with a URL to the
upstream tracker for the issue.

Then leave the Debian BTS report open for as long as the bug remains
un-fixed in Debian.

> What about keeping just debian-specific bugs in Debian's BTS? What's
> the policy here?

Hope that helps. The Developer's Reference §5.8 is essential reading for
handling bugs as a Debian package maintainer.

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