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Re: Switch to OpenJDK 7

Good morning Sylvestre

Might I be impacted by the switch to OpenJDK7?

(1) I am still using squeeze as, for various reasons, I am not yet ready to move to wheezy.

(2) I am using OpenJDK6 with the latest updates.

(3) I am using Netbeans 6.0.1 from the release prior to squeeze, as squeeze did not contain Netbeans. (My old Netbeans remained in place when I switched to squeeze.)

(4) A couple of weeks ago, with the latest update of OpenJDK6, a Netbeans feature stopped working; it's annoying but not critical, and I can live with it.

My configuration is not ideal, but it mostly does what I need. I intend to move to wheezy soon, but at the moment I do not want any disruption and, if there is any risk of problems, I would prefer to keep everything the same until I move to wheezy.

What do you recommend?



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