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Re: Survey answers part 3: systemd is not portable and what this means for our ports

Ondřej Surý <ondrej@sury.org> writes:
> Just a quick idea:
> Can we (the mysterious somebody) write a drop-in simple dummy init.d script
> which would take a(ny) systemd service file and run the daemon on
> non-Linux-kernel systems?

This has been discussed several times, there was even a GSoC project to
implement a systemd service -> init script converter (essentially
providing the same thing). Sadly this isn't even nearly as simple as it
sounds. The systemd service files are simple to write exactly since the
magic has been moved from them into the daemon, this converter or
wrapper needs to implement all of that for this to work.

To me it seems that porting the whole thing might actually be simpler,
considering that you'll still need to solve the process tracking issue
either way (this is what systemd needs cgroups for).

Arto Jantunen

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