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Re: Team maintenance of more Apache modules?

Hi Colin,

I appreciate your efforts. It was me, as a main driver of this
transition to be responsible for causing you all this work. Sorry about
all of this, but I'm deeply impressed on all the good work you spent to
patch upstream's code.

On 13.07.2013 12:43, Colin Watson wrote:
> To me, this suggests that many of these packages would benefit from team
> maintenance.  [..] but there are plenty of source packages that only
> build an Apache module.  The contrast with the Haskell team which I
> joined recently (almost all team-maintained, very high degree of
> packaging consistency, lots of tools, amazingly low bug-to-package
> ratio) has been pretty striking to me, and it suggests possible
> improvement.

Any _working_ team is without doubt an improvement. However, as you
pointed out yourself, many modules had no love for years which implies
some lack of interest to have them maintained properly. Just having a
team umbrella around does not attract more interest on these modules,
and the only thing being worse than a single maintainer not caring is a
whole team not caring in hope someone else will do.

> I don't mean to diss the maintainers involved; it's just
> that there are obvious economies of scale here.  The Apache 2.4 porting
> work has been pretty formulaic for the most part, and no doubt there'll
> be an Apache 2.6 in the future and we'll get to do it all over again.

True. That being said I hope it will be less painful for the changes we
introduced with 2.4 (depending on API versions, packaging helper,
consolidated maintainer script handling etc.)

> Depending on what the Apache server maintainers are
> amenable to in terms of access control and bug mail on
> debian-apache@lists, we could either use the existing pkg-apache Alioth
> project or start a new pkg-apache-modules project.  We could start with
> libapache2-mod-auth-plain, which is currently orphaned, but it'd be nice
> to have a few more.

As an Apache maintainer, I welcome any effort resulting in a *working*
team, and I see no problem to use debian-apache@l.d.o for that purpose.
I might even join that team. ;-)

with kind regards,
Arno Töll
IRC: daemonkeeper on Freenode/OFTC
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