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Re: Berkeley DB 6.0 license change to AGPLv3

On Saturday, July 06, 2013 01:52:59 PM Howard Chu wrote:
> Florian Weimer wrote:
> > * Howard Chu:
> >> LMDB doesn't need dirty tricks to look good. (And at only 6KLOCs of
> >> source, there's nowhere to hide any tricks anyway.)
> > 
> > Okay, I found a snag: the 511 bytes limit on the key size.  Berkeley
> > DB's disk format does not impose a limit on key or value size (at
> > least for B-trees).  For some applications, this will introduce new
> > error conditions, and working around this limitation requires
> > reworking the database schema.
> True. There's a bit of leeway here, we can raise the key size to ~1/2 the
> page size if necessary. But ultimately, we don't support keys that don't
> fit in a single page and there are no plans to add such support. If we see
> enough apps that can't live with this, we may revisit the situation.

I did go back and look at the plans for mdb integration in Postfix, since it's 
my MTA of choice.  It does seem that there are some barriers to adoption:


Are there any plans to address these issues?

Scott K

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