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Re: Broken library symlink detected in libsamba-util-dev

Hi Dave,

On Samstag, 6. Juli 2013, Dave Steele wrote:
> The consensus aspect of that is honestly not clear to me. I came into
> this thinking that the discussion is about what Policy dictates, and
> the consensus is on what the Policy calls for, based on my reading of
> the background documentation. If I am wrong on that, I still need to
> be corrected.

Consensus is that not all policy violations are treated as rc bugs.

Also, on your initial mail (on -devel@l.d.o) about these mass bug filings you 
got two replies disagreeing with your plan, some false positives pointed out 
and one "thanks for improving Debian"- I wouldn't call this neither support 
nor consensus for going forward as you initially planned.

So please do as suggested already and downgrade those bugs to normal (or maybe 
important) (unless of course you can show real critical consequences.)


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