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Re: boot ordering and resolvconf

On 03/07/13 14:30, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Ian Jackson writes ("Re: boot ordering and resolvconf"):
>>     4. Therefore in most installations there should be a local 
>>        proxy or cache.  It should use DHCP-provided, PPP-provided or
>>        similar, as a forwarder.  The local DNS provider address
>>        should be owned by whatever proxy or cache is installed.
> Is there some reason not to use dnsmasq for this ?
> To do this we would have to:
>   * install dnsmasq by default
>   * teach resolvconf to update dnsmasq's config rather than
>      resolv.conf (but apparently Ubuntu have done this work)
>   * make sure that the full-on DNS servers all conflict with
>     dnsmasq and listen on

Please don't make DNS servers conflict with each other. I have Dnsmasq,
Unbound and NSD all installed. Unbound provides recursive DNSSEC enabled
resolution for the local network, it forwards queries for the LAN domain to
an authoritative Dnsmasq DNS/DHCP servicer running on a different port and
NSD is running on an external interface serving an external domain. I don't
think this is an unreasonable configuration to want.



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