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Re: boot ordering and resolvconf

]] Ian Jackson 

> Ian Jackson writes ("Re: boot ordering and resolvconf"):
> ...
> > I think the first thing to do is recognise the underlying problem.  To
> > fix this problem properly we need a coherent system design.  The two
> > designs lead to different sets of fixes.
> > 
> > A. resolv.conf is a static file which changes only very rarely.
> ...
> > B. resolv.conf is not static and may change due to network
> >    environment changes.
> ...
> > The difficulty with plan A is probably [this requirement:]
> ...
> >     4. Therefore in most installations there should be a local 
> >        proxy or cache.  It should use DHCP-provided, PPP-provided or
> >        similar, as a forwarder.  The local DNS provider address
> >        should be owned by whatever proxy or cache is installed.
> Is there some reason not to use dnsmasq for this ?

It doesn't support DNSSEC.  If we're going to put a local resolver on
all machines, it should support DNSSEC.

Tollef Fog Heen
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