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Re: Survey answers part 2: the systemd transition

On 2013-07-01 21:54 +0200, Vincent Danjean wrote:

> Le 01/07/2013 20:05, Michael Stapelberg a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> since some people might not read planet debian, here is a link to my
>> second blog post in a series of posts dealing with the results of the
>> Debian systemd survey:
>> http://people.debian.org/~stapelberg/2013/07/01/systemd-transition.html
> Thank you for this article. Reading it make me think about something
> I would like to know: if I install systemd and boot with it (using grub
> parameter) as described in the article, what occurs when I type
> /etc/init.d/apache2 start
> A) when apache2.service exists in the system
> B) when apache2.service does not exist

In both cases, "systemctl start apache2.service" will be run for you.

> I know that there exists commands to avoid to call theses sysvinit
> scripts directly, but direct invocation something that is widely used
> around me.

If the init script sources /lib/lsb/init-functions, and the vast
majority of Debian scripts do, it will just DTRT.  Have a look at
/lib/lsb/init-functions.d/40-systemd to see how it works.


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