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Re: Mass bug filing for shared library broken symlinks detected by piuparts

On Sun, Jun 30, 2013 at 11:30:39 -0400, Dave Steele wrote:

> Shortly, piuparts.debian.org will be elevating the broken symlink test
> in sid from a warning to an error status. In advance of that, bugs
> submissions are planned against packages which are responsible for
> such links.
> This message covers the bug filings at the 'serious' severity due to a
> Policy violation involving shared libraries. Section 8 states
> "Packages containing shared libraries must be constructed with a
> little care to make sure that the shared library is always available".
> Discussion about bug filings at other severities may be handled in
> separate threads.
> The package list was generated by running an instance of
> piuparts-slave/piuparts-master against sid, with the option
> "--fail-on-broken-symlinks" enabled. The resulting list was
> hand-massaged to eliminate a few packages which failed through the
> fault of a dependency. These 'serious' bug candidates were identified
> by testing the symlinks and targets against the regular expression
> "/usr/lib/.*lib.*so".
> There are 82 binary packages in this list, represented by 66 source
> packages and 53 maintainers. This is about a quarter of all of the
> packages reporting broken symlinks. A total of 279 broken symlinks are
> being flagged as 'serious' due to shared library issues.
AFAIK most of these get fixed up by ldconfig, which means they're not a
problem in practice.  I don't think "serious" is the right severity
unless there's real world consequences to the broken symlinks.


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