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Re: Reporting 1.2K crashes

On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 10:54 PM, Alexandre Rebert wrote:

> The reports are not public yet. Since you are a developer included in
> dd-list, we will send you an email containing the crash information
> for the programs you are developing. You will receive the email 1 week
> before the crash is submitted to the BTS. Does that sound reasonable?

I have one minor package (mancala) in the dd-list, please send me the
info needed to reproduce the crash.

> We are considering offering Mayhem as a web service as opposed to
> adding it to Debian.  I'd love to see Mayhem check every package
> release automatically, so that (some) crashes are detected and fixed
> before the binary being released. Mayhem is however not open source,
> so I'm not sure people will be willing to make use of it. Let me know
> if you think otherwise, and we'll discuss how we can set this up.

It is a shame that you are not willing to open the project.

Since it isn't open, people would probably not be willing to run it
but probably would look at the results on a web service if they were

> I was not aware of firehose. This is a cool project. It would be great
> to have a similar system for dynamic analysis of binaries, that allows
> non-free software to submit reports. Even though Mayhem is not open
> source, we still want to improve Debian's security and stability :)

I expect the format could be used by Mayhem and Debian's QA
infrastructure could consume it and point developers at relevant pages
on your site.



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