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Re: Reporting 1.2K crashes

Hi Alexandre,

Many thanks for this effort, this sounds really interesting.

> You can download the list of affected packages, with their maintainers
> [3], generated with dd-list, as well as a sample bug report for
> gcov-4.6 [4]. The bug report contains:
>   1) the bug report that will be mailed to maintonly@bugs.debian.org
> (report.txt)
>   2) a testcase reproducing the crash in ./crash/
>   3) information about the crash in ./crash_info/: a core dump (core),
> the output of the crash (crash_output.txt), the dmesg of the crash
> (dmesg.txt), as well as the exit status (exit_status.txt).
> This is a lot of bugs, and we want to make sure we're doing bug
> reports right, so that we don't make anyone angry by spamming the BTS
> with bad reports. Please let us know if the reports are good enough to
> proceed with the filing, or if any additional information should be
> included in the report.

Can one also access, even before you go and file bugs, information for other
packages? I cannot actually find any reports for the package listed in the
dd-list under my name in your Packages, Runs, nor Programs pages. (And the fact
that the reported package is a transitional package does make this a little

Thanks a lot,

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