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Re: [Popcon-developers] Encrypted popcon submissions

[Paul Wise]
> I wonder if the release team would accept a backport of these
> features to popcon in stable/oldstable. GPG and time truncation are
> security enhancements and reporting the dpkg Vendor field is very
> useful and has no risks. Once GPG is tested, would you consider
> doing a stable/oldstable update before the next point release?

I suspect the new encryption feature would break
popcon.skolelinux.org, as we have not investigated the new feature and
use popularity-contest directly from Debian.  Our collector would
start getting encrypted submissions and lack the key to decrypt them.

For Jessie, I hope we have time to figure out a solution, but for
Wheezy we are not going to rewrite that part of our system.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen
One of the Debian Edu developers

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