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Re: security policy / root passwords


just like to add that today this "feature" with the popup blocked my gnome within the suspend procedure, which I did not see but got a hot running laptop in the bag. When I opened the laptop again I saw the problem and when clicking on cancel, the laptop finally when to suspend. 

I think, just naming something a "feature" belongs more to microsoft behavior and shouldn't be copied in the linux world. A few things maybe useful but not for all people. Giving people the choice is the main point here. Whether you create a package that configures all with the funny new "features" and leave it to the user, if he wants this configuration or just uninstalls it to have a more conservative behavior for server setups.

I think it is a big mistake to design desktops with similar behaviors like one knows from the windows world. Most popup do not make any sense and interrupt people by working. Upcoming programs stealing the mouse, refocus, or resize are just annoying when writing a document.

The new gnome 3 desktop is nice, except it goes snow when too many windows are open (for a CTWM no problem) or it blocks the desktop switching because flashplayer freezes and gnome3 cannot access the graphics of the window. Nice features but cause serious problem, similar like this uninforming root password question and blocking the screen for wlan passwords. There is no need to block the screen as it can accidently pop up while writing a document and one would like to finish the sentence before typing a password. Such things come with force, rather than with the option of action which is a more elegant design. And another final problem are program menus which grap the mouse and when the program freezes, there is no way to release the mouse again execpt going out of X and into the consoles to kill the process. Recently skype's technical information window did not vanish. From gome menu I chose "close window" what it then did, but it took all with it and did freeze the desktop, even CTRL+ALT+F1 did not work to go out. Was a reboot and not nice 

I suggest to create window managers more independent from programs in order to increase stabilization. Also even when configured strict mouse behavior, the new upcoming program first graps the mouse and when moving it over the next window, it does not follow, here one has to click, after all is fine. I really suggest, give people more choice to configure things like they like or they are used to. X window system and window manager together have really nice features, just try not to make it like microsoft windows.


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