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Re: Debian systemd survey


2013/5/21 Michael Stapelberg <stapelberg@debian.org>:
> Hi Lucas,
> Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@debian.org> writes:
>> I think that one reason why we risk having another init systems
>> discussion is that there hasn't been (TTBOMK) a good effort to summarize
>> the various point raised and your answers (as systemd maintainers) to
>> them. Such a "systemd demystification" effort would have been a nice way
>> forward.
> This is exactly what I plan to do, and part of why I run this survey.
> I submitted a talk to DebConf where I will address the most common
> systemd concerns.
I assume you know that post, but it might be interesting for others:
http://0pointer.de/blog/projects/the-biggest-myths.html - Lennart's
post if - of course - biased, but he manages to clarify most of the
systemd myths and has an useful list of what these concerns about
systemd are.
Anyway, the survey is a great way to get feedback! :) Thanks for that!

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