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update-rc.d: Removal of start and stop actions


With the release of wheezy, all systems should be using dependency-
based booting.  This makes the provision of static sequence ordering
pointless, but the update-rc.d interface still allows sequence
numbers to be passed for its start, stop and defaults actions.  They
just get ignored when using insserv, but they still need providing
unless you are using defaults with no options (which is recommended).

I'm planning on merging these two patches:

These do the following:
- remove all support for non-dependency-based boot; in practice, this
  code hasn't been used for a couple of stable releases, since we always
  used the insserv code.
- remove support for start and stop; the options still exist, but they
  just invoke the "defaults" action.  This was already the case with
  insserv, but it's now explicit.
- the update-rc.d(8) manpage is updated to remove all the legacy
  documentation and examples.  This should make it clear what's
  currently supported, and it greatly simplifies the interface.

None of this should affect anyone since in practice there will be no
noticable difference other than the addition of a warning if the start
or stop actions are used.  I'm just bringing it up in case this will
cause anyone problems--in which case shout now before it's changed!

Following this change, I'd like to have debhelper and lintian warn
if the obsolete options are used, then we can start to migrate the
remaining uses of the old options to just use "defaults" in their
maintainer scripts.


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