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Re: Will we see MariaDB in Jessie?

On 2013-05-06 10:02, Thomas Goirand wrote:
I wonder what the plans of the MySQL maintainers are concerning MySQL vs
MariaDB. Famously, Fedora made the switch. What will happen in Debian?
What kind of transition would this mean? Would it be a drop-in
replacement like Monty is pretending, or would it be harder?

Funny you should ask, we are planning to discuss that very topic this Thursday at 2000 UTC via Google Hangout.

I see no reason to "switch". We need to make sure that MariaDB packaging plays nice with MySQL packaging, and then users can decide. If we can have common elements between the packaging, that will certainly make our lives easier. As others have already stated, MariaDB packages are prepared and we'll be discussing how to get them well integrated into Jessie.

I'd invite anybody interested in talking about the subject to join #debian-mysql of OFTC and join the pkg-mysql-maint mailing list. We would also welcome any time people can bring to the problem, as we all seem to be pretty limited, so please do join the pkg-mysql team on Alioth if you want to assist with MySQL or MariaDB.

In addition to MariaDB, we most definitely need to ship MySQL 5.6. I'd also like to get MySQL back in sync with Ubuntu to reduce waste between the two distros.

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