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Re: Debian on illumos (Dyson) LiveCD

On Sun, May 05, 2013 at 04:12:45PM +0400, Игорь Пашев wrote:
> In a shadow of Debian 7 release, Dyson - a Debian port to illumos kernel -
> became self-hosted and now has an installer :-)
> http://osdyson.org/projects/dyson/wiki/Dyson_Installer

I just tried it and ported some stuff to it, it seems that its libc is
pretty bizarre.  For example math functions in C++ require quite a bunch
of manual work (you need to explicitely cast all arguments unless they
happen to be float, double or long double).

Do you intend to switch to glibc?  If no, there'll be quite a lot of porting
work (as most upstreams don't bother about Solaris).  If yes, most of that
effort will become wasted.


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