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Debian PPA (was: Re: Bug#706605: ITP: macfanctld -- Fan control daemon for Apple MacBook computers)

 ❦  2 mai 2013 20:29 CEST, Pau Garcia i Quiles <pgquiles@elpauer.org> :

> This model has been working very well for me for years and users are happy.
> Sadly, there are no Debian PPAs and I'm forced to use the OpenSuse Build
> Service, which I don't really like (no dput, censored main archive, etc).

I am also using OBS. It became easier to use since we can just upload
the debian.tar.gz file. However, it is still a tedious process. If
Canonical was eager to help Debian, they could add Debian stable/testing
to the possible targets.
Parenthesise to avoid ambiguity.
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