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Re: Results for Debian Project Leader 2013 Election


On 14/04/13 at 00:00 +0000, devotee@vote.debian.org wrote:
> The winners are:
> 	 Option 3 "Lucas Nussbaum"

I feel of mix of happiness (being very honored of being elected) and of
fear (being a bit scared of the importance of the task)!

I would like to thank:
- Gergely and Moray for running. I very much hope to continue to work with
  them in the "Debian Driving Force" (formerly DPL helpers initiative).
- the Debian Developers, for participating in the election process and
  initiating discussions on -vote@.
- our Secretary for organizing the election.
- Stefano Zacchiroli for serving as DPL for 3(!) years (still two days to go!).
- everybody who tricked me into running and supported me.
- the Debian community in general, for being so extraordinary.

I will spend the next days organizing and getting up to speed.
I will re-announce that later, but the next DPL helpers/Debian Driving Force
meeting will take place on $(date -d @1366736400). Please come, and generally,
please join #debian-dpl on IRC if you are interested in keeping an eye
on stuff happening in that context.


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