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Re: upgraded systems won't boot from UUID volumes

On 08/04/13 13:53, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> On 08-04-13 08:53, Daniel Pocock wrote:
>> I'm not suggesting that squeeze systems were installed that way by
>> default, although people who have migrated an FS from a raw partition
>> to an LV may have this in fstab.
> And that fact alone makes it a non-RC bug -- if it's even a bug at all.
> Changing the way the root filesystem is mounted without performing a
> reinstallation is something that's fairly advanced. I'm not saying we
> shouldn't support people who wish to do something like that, but if they
> do it, they should make sure that whatever configuration they're using
> afterwards is still a valid configuration.
> Having a root filesystem on a logical volume, specified by UUID, is not
> strictly a valid configuration. It may work if you're not using
> snapshots, but it might have unforeseen consequences. So Don't Do That
> Then(TM).
> If Debian exhibits "wrong" behaviour upon encountering a "strange"
> configuration that, while valid, is not possible to generate using any
> of Debian's tools, then that is probably a bug; but I fail to see why it
> should be release-critical.
The coverage of UUID on the Debian wiki makes it seem like it is a good
idea to use it and makes no warning about the LVM snapshot issue:



so maybe it would be good if somebody who knows this issue in more depth
than myself was to update that.

On 08/04/13 10:26, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> On 04/07/2013 10:46 PM, Neil Williams wrote:
>> The only reason to escalate the issue to
>> debian-devel is because you're trying to overrule the maintainers.
> Once more, I'd say... :/

Not necessarily - the maintainers know their package very well and I'm
sure they have good reasons for their decisions.  The wider community
may or may not have additional information about how widely this pattern
is used in practice.  Obviously, having commented on the bug, my own
systems are not even impacted by this any more, but I remain nervous
about how users will react if they find rough edges on things when
upgrading, especially given the wide choice of alternatives that exist

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