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Re: Multiple applications in one git repo

Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> writes:

> Probably what needs to happen is to split the git repo up into one per
> app.

Might it be possible to do that with git-subtree, and then track the
application specific branch created by subtree as the upstream for each

I think all that needs to be done for that would be to run

  git subtree split ...

regularly for each application to keep the application specific branches
up to date -- if the upstreams are willing to have a cron job do that,
I'd think that would be problem solved.

BTW the git subtree script is to be found in git's contrib directory.  I
seem to have it installed via a package that I found somewhere, because
I don't like installing unpackaged stuff, but that's a decision for the

Cheers, Phil.
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