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Re: Handling unblocks

On 02/04/13 14:00, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.com.au> (02/04/2013):
>> To put this in context, I recently found that one of the packages I
>> depend on (libasio-dev) is actually orphaned.  It is mentioned in
>> PTS, but I was never proactively alerted by anything such as
>> lintian.  There are probably many cases like this (orphaned library,
>> unblock request) where users of a package are likely to be
>> interested in helping out.
> You probably want to look into:
>   rc-alert
>   wnpp-alert

Thanks for pointing those out to me, they definitely provide more than
half - but not all - of what I was suggesting.

The question is, if these tools were extended to cover unblock (which is
not always an RC bug), and interested people are keen to dedicate time
to the unblock requests or sub-RC bugs relevant to packages they have an
interest in, could it be worked into the release team's workflow
constructively at this stage?

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