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Re: R 3.0.0 and required rebuilds of all reverse Depends: of R

On 01-04-13 13:38, Uoti Urpala wrote:
> Samuel Thibault wrote:
>> Uoti Urpala, le Mon 01 Apr 2013 05:12:46 +0300, a écrit :
>>> Distributions that make latest
>>> software available are necessary for free software development.
>> Again, that's one of the things experimental is for.
> It is not. You can't reasonably install things from experimental rather
> than unstable by default,

Of course you can. Just add a file to /etc/apt/preferences.d that says

Package: *
Pin: release a=experimental
Pin-Priority: 500

and packages will be pulled from experimental by default. Whether you'd
want that is a different matter, of course.

> nor is there a flag for "this really should be
> in unstable if not for badly managed release" which would allow
> autoinstalling those packages. Consider the GDB example I mentioned
> earlier; GDB 4.5 should be installed by default for users of unstable,
> rather than expecting them to notice that their system has become too
> outdated, investigate it and find out which package to manually update.
> It is unreasonable to tell the users and upstreams that Debian is going
> to keep users on a known inferior version by default for a long time,

No, that is not unreasonable. It is unreasonable to expect Debian will
see the latest and greatest of everything at any given time. That is not
our way. That's not to say that distributions which do such a thing are
useless, or that their developers are idiots. They just have a different

You'll also see that once the freeze is over, newer versions will be
uploaded, and this problem will be gone.

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