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missing libgl1-mesa-dri in upgrades

I've found that some default packages in Gnome are broken if
libgl1-mesa-dri is not installed

libgl1-mesa-dri is only installed on upgrade if the package xorg is
present in squeeze, but that is not always the case according to popcon:


   xserver-xorg 	75034

           xorg 	64738

So 1 in 7 upgrades will potentially find things that just don't work in
the desktop (things that did work in squeeze), and they have to go to a
terminal to start investigating what is wrong (which is OK for some of
us, but should be avoided)

While I've filed a bug against empathy (that is where I observed the
problem), I suspect other packages are impacted and the issue may need
to be fixed at some other level.

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