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Re: R 3.0.0 and required rebuilds of all reverse Depends: of R

On 31.03.2013 23:48, Uoti Urpala wrote:
> Philipp Kern wrote:
>> On Sun, Mar 31, 2013 at 12:33:46PM -0500, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
>>> I cannot influence the R release cycle which happens within our freeze. As
>>> have a few previous R releases, and none of those created any trouble. 
>> Thanks for trading the R release cycle with Debian's and for delaying the
>> release. The harm has already been done, so somebody should probably go
>> and create a transition tracker for it?
> IMO it's important to remember that it's fundamentally the release team
> that is at fault for problems here, not the R maintainer. 

Wrong and no, it's not.

> Unstable has
> already been frozen for much longer than is in any way reasonable for
> either development of Debian, users of Debian unstable, or upstreams
> whose current software is either not being packaged at all or is only in
> experimental.

So help speeding up the release process. It's not like the RT is doing
nothing and waiting just for the sake of waiting. There are
release-critical problems which need to be fixed first. Hint: You could
help there as well which is a much better idea rather than ranting and
trolling around.

with kind regards,
Arno Töll
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