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Re: R 3.0.0 and required rebuilds of all reverse Depends: of R

CC list trimmed and -release added

On 31.03.2013 17:45, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
A new major release R 3.0.0 will come out on Wednesday April 3rd, as usual
according the the release plan and announcements [1].

It contains major internal changes [2] and requires rebuilds of all R
As for unstable, we have an issue as essentially all reverse-dependencies that are R packages will need to be rebuilt [5]. On testing, I get for
158 packages from `apt-cache rdepends r-base-core | grep -c r-cran-`.
and I am CCing everybody now to see if they could please rebuild the packages within a week or so. Come next weekend we'll review and switch to direct
email pings.

Comments, suggestions, ... most welcome. Please CC me on replies as I am no
longer subscribed to debian-devel.

Aside from the lack of pre-discussion, co-ordination etc., the last few weeks of a freeze _really_ isn't the right time to be starting a large (or indeed small) transition in unstable. We now have at least 87 (based on this morning's britney run) packages which won't be able to receive updates via unstable should they turn out to have lately discovered RC bugs. If any of those packages are then involved in dependency chains, the same could be true of packages outside of the R module packages.



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