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Fair comment

Hi there.

Last year some time I contacted Microsoft Press about their book, Inside ATL MSPRESS Inside ATL ISBN 1-57231-858-9. It was one of their web-form thingies and I wasn't sent an email copy of the message.

Basically I stated that my SourceForge package, http://sourceforge.net/projects/v3c-dcom/ used parts of the book to implement just enough of dcom to allow developers to write any kind of plugin-system, through which the in-process servers can be queried for the interfaces they implement with QueryInterface.

It's been quite a while without feedback, but that leaves me in Limbo.

I'm sure this situation isn't unique to me, so here are the questions
1. Is there anyone at Microsoft who reads this mailing list who can comment on my particular situation. 2. The Oracle vs Google Android court case basically said that "you can't own an interface".
   If that's true, then does it mean I'm not in Limbo after all?
3. Given that (d)com has its roots in DCE, which has its roots in RPC, should I be worried? Or, putting it another way, should those wishing to develop software based on v3c-dcom be worried?

I know this only has a glancing relevance to the development of Debian, but if the coast is clear I plan to make it a lot easier to develop packages for Debian that will use my SourceForge projects, and these may well provide superior alternatives to those already in Debian.

For example, if you wanted to to configure a router, wouldn't it be better if you could see how it configuration reacts to the standard DDOS attack vectors via visual simulation instead of needing to be a networking expert (which is actually not a guarantee of a DDOS-resilient networking setup)?

Philip Ashmore

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