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Re: bugs.debian.org: something's wrong...

Christoph Biedl <debian.axhn <at> manchmal.in-ulm.de> writes:

> Now it's appearently back online, but a web tracking has been
> added, as seen in #703298. That's disgusting.

It’s not only disgusting but also breaks display in Lynx by
adding *lots* of empty lines where there were none before,
plus a 1x1 pixel image which otherwise is only used by tracking:

#703298 - automake: tests fail: undefined reference to `yywrap' - ... (p2 of 18)

   [19]Message  #5  received  at  submit@bugs.debian.org  ([20]full  text,


   From: Aapo Rantalainen <aapo.rantalainen@gmail.com>

   To: Debian Bug Tracking System <submit@bugs.debian.org>

   Subject: automake: tests fail: undefined reference to `yywrap'

   Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2013 09:45:27 +0200

Package: automake
Version: 1:1.11.3-1ubuntu2
Severity: serious

Please omit the “1x1.png” if the USER_AGENT contains /L_?y_?n_?x/
(regex) and make the <p> back into <br /> (possibly generally).

Thanks in advance!

(Lynx complains if setting an UA that doesn't contain either the
string "Lynx" or "L_y_n_x", so I’m assuming these two are in the wild.)

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