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Re: [PATCH] netplug - Allow to specify custom script file via param '-s'


On Thu, 21 Mar 2013, Philipp Matthias Hahn wrote:
> Debian is currently in the freeze period to get the next Debian release
> released. As your enhancement patch is not release critical for Debian,
> there is no chance to get a patched package included.

There is: you can use experimental to continue working on the package
until the wheezy release. Or you can accumulate stuff in the VCS.

> So your patch will just stay in the BTS until I find some time to work
> the netplug again, which is very low on my current priority list.

It's not a very rewarding answer to someone who invested time in your

When I am in a similar situation, I tend to offer the person to join as
co-maintainer. The patch is not very long and it should not be too hard
to review. Or you can redirect him towards upstream if that's better.

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