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Availability of Debian official cloud images from debian.org


Multiple times, in the debian-cloud@l.d.o, we've came to the conclusion
that Debian should be release images of the stable release (and probably
testing as well) to be run in the cloud. I'm bringing this topic to
-devel, as I'm convince it is a topic which should be debated with
everyone in Debian.

There is enough software in Debian itself which can support such images:
- Openstack
- Eucalyptus
- etc.

Currently, we have semi-official images which, thanks to the nice work
of the people in debian-cloud@lists.debian.org, are uploaded to both AWS
and Azure. While it's nice that we have these, and while I believe such
initiatives should be encouraged and generalize to other hosting
providers, it is now clear that we need a channel to be able to provide
Debian cloud images.

Please have a look to what they do at Ubuntu:

and more specifically, when you click on one of them:

they provide both the images for all Ubuntu releases. Also, please
notice that there are multiple format available:
- .ovf, which is an open format
- disk1.img qcow2 format: can be uploaded to Openstack, or booted
directly using kvm, and many more
- .img, +kernel and ramdisk: can be used on EC2, Eucalyptus, or Openstack

Plus there are "links" to EC2 so that you can just launch such
instances. [in debian.org, we should allow anyone to add information
about Debian images in any company though, and not focus only on one
major vendor, otherwise it is anti-competitive]

So, put in simple words: we need something like this. Question is, where
can this be uploaded? To me, cdimage.debian.org seem to be the natural
place. Does it make sense to everyone else? Could we, in a near future,
imagine having these images creation, included in the official release
build process, together with the CDs, DVDs, etc.?



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