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Bug#702485: ITP: reposurgeon -- a tool for editing version control repository history

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Mike Swanson <mikeonthecomputer@gmail.com>

* Package name    : reposurgeon
  Version         : 2.24
  Upstream Author : Eric S. Raymond <esr@thyrsus.com>
* URL             : http://www.catb.org/esr/reposurgeon/
* License         : BSD
  Programming Lang: Python
  Description     : a tool for editing version control repository history

reposurgeon enables risky operations that version control systems
don't normally let you do, such as editing past comments and metadata
and removing commits.  It works with any version control system that
can export and import git fast-import streams, including git, hg,
bzr, CVS, and RCS.  It can also read Subversion dump files directly
and thus can be used to script production of very high-quality
conversions from Subversion to any supported DVCS.

repopuller uses svnsync to grab a local copy of a Subversion
repository, and may keep it up-to-date with subsequent runs on the
local directory.

repodiffer compares two repositories, either git repositories
themselves or two fast-import streams.  It allows an evaluation as to
the quality of repository conversion jobs, highlighting the
differences in the DAG.

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