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Re: Bootstrapping: list of 81 self-cycles in Debian Sid

On 05/03/13 11:22, Johannes Schauer wrote:
> Since self-cycles in Debian are often unintuitive, maintainers might be unaware
> that the source packages they maintain are actually forming a self cycle.

This is useful information. Is there any way in which the maintainers of
these packages can say "yes, we know, and here is where you break the
cycle" without using unmerged dpkg features or breaking the freeze?

If not, now is not really the time to be doing anything about these
cycles: wheezy has been frozen for well over 6 months, and maintainers
who want to be able to fix 'important' bugs in wheezy are avoiding
non-freeze-compatible changes to unstable.

src:dbus/experimental supports being built with DEB_BUILD_PROFILE=stage1
to break the cycle involving it. At the moment you'd have to
"dpkg-buildpackage -d" because dpkg doesn't yet support reducing
dependencies according to build-profiles; I'll do an upload using proper
build-profile syntax when it's supported in Debian, but that's rather
unlikely until wheezy has been released.


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