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DM upload permission

Hello All:

I have been a sponsor for a DM's uploads of the nexus package and we have come across a new policy which defines a way of giving permission to a DM for a specific package.


I have studied the above thread and any related posts I could find and attempted to follow the instructions therein. unfortunately, the examples given don't seem to be complete and my attempt to provide authorization for the nexus package did not seem to work (neither I nor the DM got any email confirmation).

Is there any more explicit instruction on how to initiate this process correctly? Here is what I tried:

1. made a file called segre-0001.dak-commands with the following contents

Action: dm
Fingerprint: 8CCC1BA8590FF029D17C708FC1BCD3C72AA28B6B
Allow: nexus

2. signed this file with my key and produced an ASCII file using

  gpg --clearsign segre-0001.dak-commands

3. uploaded the file to ftp-master using

  dput segre-0001.dak-commands.asc

Clearly, I must have done at least one thing wrong, probably more than one so I would appreciate advice from anyone who has sucessfully navigated this process.



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Illinois Institute of Technology
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