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Subsurface maintaince in Debian [was Re: Bulding 3.0.1 Under Ubuntu 10.04 i386]

On 01/03/2013 00:13, Cristian Ionescu-Idbohrn wrote:
> On Thu, 28 Feb 2013, Robert Wolfe wrote:
>> Um, forgot about me already, hmm? :)
> But, of course not.  Do you want to be Cc:ed?
>> And yes, libdivecomputer-3.0.1 in .DEB format
> That should probably be:
> 	subsurface-3.0.1 and
> 	libdivecomputer-0.3.0
> I presume.  Can you make the source packages available too to Dmitrijs?
> It's:
> 	subsurface_3.0.1-x.debian.tar.gz and
> 	libdivecomputer_0.3.0-x.debian.tar.gz
> or similar, I'm thinking about.
> Dmitrijs,
> Old debian source packages (subsurface-1.2-1 and libdivecomputer-0.1.0),
> could also be of some value.
> I'm really looking forward to see latest subsurface/libdivecomputer in
> debian, as soon as it can be done.  It'll most probably be unstable, but
> Dmitrijs, could you please try to make them as painless as possible
> portable to wheezy?
As a Debian Developer and as a professional diver, I am interested to
help on this.

I have been in touch with Khalid to help him on this and he replied:
"No problem for to co-maintaince

I'm sorry, but I've been very busy the last few months.

As Christian proposed, I am sure we can be move this package in the
sport team.

Cristian, if you want, we can work together to improve the package and
maintain new releases for Jessie.

FYI, I reported some bugs on these two packages:


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