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Bug#701613: ITP: python-oerplib -- client library to remotely pilot an OpenERP server

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: python-modules-team@lists.alioth.debian.org

Package name    : python-oerplib
Version         : 0.7.0
Upstream Author : Sébastien ALIX <sebastien.alix@osiell.com>
URL             : http://packages.python.org/OERPLib/
License         : LGPL3
Programming Lang: Python
Description     : client library to remotely pilot an OpenERP server
 Features supported:
  - `XML-RPC` and `Net-RPC` protocols,
  - access to all methods proposed by an `OpenERP` model class
    (even ``browse``) with an API similar to the server-side API,
  - ability to use named parameters with such methods (`OpenERP` >= `6.1`),
  - user context automatically sent (`OpenERP` >= `6.1`),
  - browse records,
  - execute workflows,
  - manage databases,
  - reports downloading.

Note: This client library is independent of packaging the OpenERP
server. It might, however, help in testing the server package.

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