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Re: Bug#700630: ITP: gitorious -- Git based tool for collaborating on distributed open source projects


On 15 February 2013 16:44, Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org> wrote:
> That's great, thanks for giving this a try. We definitely need more good
> packages of self-hosted replacements for popular centralized (and often
> proprietary) services out there. gitorious surely qualifies and is very
> seldomly seen installed in the wild, other than the "main" instance at
> gitorious.org.

> On a related matter, do you happen to have any news about gitlab
> packaging? I understand it's a "concurrent" of gitorious :-), but AFAICT
> from the RFP, it was expected to land under the hood of pkg-ruby-extras
> as well.

Just some info: I'm currently working on packaging Rhodecode and its
dependencies; Rhodecode supports both Git and Mercurial, which is
By the way, I mostly have finished it.

WBR, Andrew

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