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multi-tarball packages in version control

I'm working on packaging asterisk-extra-sounds (ITP: #571165 , copyright
issues finally cleared).

The package, as is the existing asterisk-core-sounds, is a combination
of multiple upstream tarballs in various formats and languages. In fact,
I may want to add (or remove?) new languages / formats at newer versions
of the Debian package without much of a hassale.

After an initial attempt of repackaging them all to a huge Debian source
package, I chose to use a multi-tarball dpkg v.3 package. This seems to
work pretty well.

The only problem is that svn-buildpackage does not support this. Or
rather: it should have, but a long standing bug (with a partial fix
attached to it, to which the maintainer did not comment. But since
uploaded one or two versions).

git-buildpackage has an option to not store all the data in the archive
(--overlay). That one does not seem to support multiple tarballs
(right?). I'm not aware of multi-tarball support in pristine-tar, and as
I mentioned, I would prefer to keep those files out of my packaging
archive: they hardly change, anyway.

So, what do you do with multi-tarball packages? I keep a patched
svn-buildpackage, for now.

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